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The Art of Color & Emotions


The Impact & Emotion of Color

We all know that bright colors attract our attention. Colors have a powerful effect on human emotions. Every color has a hidden meaning that can invoke certain feelings.

As a result, color can be used to evoke a desired response and therefore play a significant role in how your advertising is perceived. Use this chart to select the colors that will enhance the impact of your advertising message.

Colors can also be a fun way to understand the personalities of other people. We have included the personality traits associated with a persons "favorite color."

Color: Use it wisely!


Green is the color of nature. It is calming and refreshing. A symbol of tranquility, abundance, growth and safety. Darker green is mostly associated with wealth and money. Use green in your advertising situations or to present something new.

...If green is your favorite color you are a very balanced and persistent individual, and can accomplish much when left alone and undisturbed. Easy-going and original, you are also capable of enjoying the finer things in life. You are moral, polite, and affectionate.


Yellow is the color of sunshine. A cheerful and bright color associated with joy, happiness and friendliness. Yellow exudes warmth and optimism. It will almost always evoke a positive response. Using yellow in advertising will attract attention, especially when coupled with black

...If yellow is your cherished color, you are intellectual, highly imaginative and idealistic. You look forward to the future and are capable of working through great obstacles. Your cheerful personality radiates happiness and encouragement.


Orange is a fun, warm color stimulating energy, creativity and activity. It is the symbolic color of fall. It suggests pleasure, cheer, excitement, strength and ambition. Use orange in advertising and it will emphasize happiness and enjoyment.

... If you like the color of orange, you have tremendous energy and an eye for organization. Having a keen sense of excitement and ambition, your social character finds you constantly encircled by family and friends.


Red is the color that demands the most attention. It symbolizes love, power, passion, rage and courage. Red is also associated with danger, urgency, strength and excitement. In advertising, use red to make a point. Red will immediately attract the reader's attention, and will stimulate him to make quick decisions.

...If red is your favorite color, you are aggressive, energetic, and impulsive. You have incredible will-power and you are capable of great accomplishments. You frequently have bursts of energy and spontaneity, and you enjoy many interests in life.


Violent signifies deep passion, wealth and nobility. It suggests sophistication, intelligence, dignity and spirituality. This luxurious color also symbolizes power and stability. When using violet in advertising, you can evoke a wide range of feelings. You grab the readers' respect and attention.

...If you violet is your adored color you are creative and self-assured. Although you are a unique and highly sensitive individual, you work well with others. You have unusual tastes, but you are quite comfortable among more conservative peers.


Blue is the color of the sea and sky. It is peaceful yet strong. Blue suggests truth and dignity, trust, reliability, wisdom and loyalty. Use blue in your advertising to make bold statements, especially when trying to fortify a feeling of trust and strength.

...If you identify with the color blue, you have a refined sense of beauty. You have an essential need for harmonious, tension-free existence. You are thoughtful and considerate, and a devoted and trustworthy friend.


Black is associated with power, formality, mystery & death. It is considered to be formal, elegant and prestigious. Black also suggests authority, boldness and seriousness. Use the black for emphasis. It is a good background color for advertising, and can be contrasted with bright colors for a strong impact.

...If you are drawn to the color black, you are a bold yet conservative individual. You are capable of being comfortable under conditions in which others would be bothered. You are not easily disconcerted.


White is the color of snow. It is associated with purity, cleanliness, lightness, safety, simplicity and youth. The color of perfection, white is best used or emphasis. It sets words and graphics apart.

...A person who prefers white as their favorite color searches for superiority, distinction and enlightenment.


Gray is a neutral color. It suggests authority, practicality and earnestness. Gray can be associated with science, architecture and commerce. Gray by itself can appear dull so it is best to use it to compliment other colors.

...Gray is enjoyed by those who are easy-going, original, and will try anything once. Cautious, articulate and self- assured, you are attentive and dedicated to your commitments. You are capable of being everyone's friend.


Brown is the color of the earth. It suggests richness, politeness, helpfulness and effectiveness. Use brown sparingly in advertising, as it tends to suggest less important items.

...If you like the color brown, you are attracted to the outdoors. You have a rather conservative and well-ordered mind, and you are not attracted to the bizarre. You are conscientious, steady and dependable, and you take life seriously.

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